Kamado Joe III: 6 Tips to Mind When Using an Outdoor Grill

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Invite your friends and family and have a wonderful time on a Sunday afternoon. What’s better than having a lovely chat, a few drinks, a lot of laughter, and of course, the one thing a classic US Sunday afternoon can’t go without – the barbeque set. See more about this here.

If you love the idea, then you should prepare yourself properly for the day. You need to know everything about the BBQ set, what to cook, how to do it, and what the essentials are. Although this is a broad topic, we will try to cover as much as possible in this article.

We’re about to talk more about what you need to mind when you’re preparing yourself for a Sunday BBQ with friends and family, or you simply want to do an outdoor grill. Keep up and find out what are the six most valuable tips you can get for this occasion.

1. Get yourself an appropriate grill

When you’re about to start cooking, you need to think about the volume of food you’re going to prepare. If you have five people at the party, you won’t need a container of meat, but you’ll need a few steaks, some potatoes, and a little bread.

But, if you’re planning to get more than 20 people at the party, then you’ll need a lot more food than what we just mentioned. At the same time, all these people will get hungry nearly at the same time, and you can’t make some of them wait while others get their portion.

You want the type of grill that will be big enough to handle enough food simultaneously. On the other hand, if you need to prepare BBQ for fewer people, a big grill is just going to waste a lot of resources and create too much heat for almost nothing. Meaning – get yourself an appropriately sized grill.

2. Choose the type of fuel you’re about to use

There are lots of different BBQ versions when it comes to powering them. All have their pros and cons, and you should pick the one that will fit your wishes best. The most common ones are petrol, electricity, and charcoal. See more types here: https://www.hpba.org/Consumer-Information/Barbecue-Outdoor-Living/Grill/Fuels.

If you’re barbecuing in the garden, then you may have, and you may not have the option of electricity. The petrol and the charcoal are brought to the BBQ directly, so you can use this option no matter where you are.

What is important here is that all three of these will give you a different taste of the food you’re preparing. For the original and unique taste of BBQ, you will need the charcoal option. However, most people use gasoline to fire up their stoves, and electricity is the least frequently used option.

3. Get yourself all the tools needed for the job

Is there anything worse than standing in front of the BBQ without the proper equipment for the job? Prepare the items needed to make the best food in the world. Make sure you have a long-handled utensil to flip the meat, oil, spices, thermometer for the meat, spatula, fork, brush, more than one plate, and a skillet to cover the already done food so it doesn’t get cold.

You should also have enough paper towels, utensils for everyone that will eat in case they don’t like touching their burgers with bare hands, glasses and cups on disposal, and everything else that would be normal to get in a restaurant as a guest. Think about these things, provide them, and you’re ready to start.

4. Always use fresh meat and ingredients

For the best outcome and not risk anything, it’s best to get the meat fresh off the store the day of the party. You don’t want to have it spoiled and make everyone sick. Instead, you should pick the best there is and make sure it comes out of the BBQ tasty and enjoyable.

Even if we’re talking about a pizza party, you want to have all the ingredients fresh and safe. If you didn’t know that pizza can also be prepared outdoor, then you should look at the UK Kamado Joe Stockist, and see how people take care of this need with special items made for the BBQ set.

5. Don’t forget to set up the yard furniture for maximum enjoyment

Aside from having a perfectly arranged BBQ, fresh meat, all the utensils and fuel prepared next to it, and having a jolly company, you still need to arrange the design of the yard to have the greatest time possible.

What you want is enough yard furniture for everyone to enjoy. Chairs, sofas, maybe a swing for the kids. Don’t forget the DJ equipment and some music. This will make the best party ever for everyone to enjoy their time spent at your place.

6. Experiment – it’s the best way to become a top BBQ chef

Another thing that everyone obligated for the barbecue should know is that they are not Michelin chefs, but ordinary people with some knowledge. You don’t have to be a top chef expecting a call from a popular restaurant, but you can become one with some experimenting.

Don’t be afraid to try a new recipe, add some different spices, and try something new. Experiment, as this is the only way to learn what is best. Sure, you might ruin some food sometimes, but nothing compares to coming up with a brand new idea that only you know how to prepare.


Nothing is better in life than the love of your friends and family. People you care about should always be by your side, and having the chance to make them happy is the ultimate goal.

Preparing a BBQ for them on a lovely Sunday afternoon is a dream come true for many people. If you’re thinking the same, you should do it properly. Going through the points from above will help you be the best chef.



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